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Idaho Governor’s Task Force on Children at Risk

Grant Program Information




Cycle One February 1-January 31

Cycle Two August 1-July 31


Grant Purpose:

The purpose is to improve the quality of investigative, administrative, and judicial handling of child abuse and neglect cases, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation throughout the state.

Funding Priorities:

Preference will be given to applicant projects and funding requests that meet one or more of the following strategic goals:

  • The handling of child abuse and neglect cases, particularly cases of child sexual abuse and exploitation

  • The handling of cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities; and

  • The investigation and prosecution of cases of child abuse and neglect, particularly child sexual abuse and exploitation

  • The handling of cases involving children with disabilities or serious health-related problems who are victims of abuse or neglect

  • The formation, improvement, strengthening, and/or training of county multidisciplinary teams and members


Who is eligible?

  • Programs must be located in Idaho or provide services to residents of Idaho.

  • Grants are available to serve local prosecutors and multidisciplinary teams (MDT) throughout the state. This includes prosecutors, law enforcement, Department of Health and Welfare child protection staff, representatives from the Guardian ad Litem program, juvenile and adult probation, medical personnel, school officials, and any other persons deemed beneficial because of their roles in cases concerning child abuse and neglect.

  • Programs must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and an identified fiscal agent.


Amount and Frequency:

  • Between $1,000 and $5,000 per CARTF grant cycle

  • A fiscal organization cannot exceed $9,999 in CARTF grant awards within a 4-year timespan

Timeline: Cycle 1

February 1                         Annual Application Available

April 5                                 Applications due to CARTF

May                                     Award Decisions

June 5                                 Award Letters Distributed

July 15                                Grants Funded

September 15                    Mid-Project Use of Funds Report or Exception Letter

January 15                         Funds Liquidated

January 31                         Project Period Ends/ Final Report Due



Timeline: Cycle 2

August 1                             Annual Application Available

October 5                           Applications due to CARTF

November                          Award Decisions

December 5                       Award Letters Distributed

January 15                         Grants Funded

March 15                            Mid-Project Use of Funds Report or Exception Letter

July 15                                Funds Liquidated

July 31                                Project Period Ends/ Final Report Due

How To Apply:

Send one typed electronic copy of application to Mindy Peper at by 5 p.m. on April 5 for Cycle One or October 5 for Cycle Two.


Important! Read Grant Guidance BEFORE filling out and submitting a grant. GRANT GUIDANCE

To read more about SMART OBJECTIVES please visit this website.



Applications will receive a technical review by the CARTF administrative support prior to scoring by the grant subcommittee. All scored grants will be forwarded to CARTF for final evaluation and award determination.

Reporting Requirements:

All grant recipients are required to fill out a mid-term report and final project report by deadlines found on reporting documents and above.


For your convenience, the grant application is available as a WORD document or as a FILLABLE PDF.




Cycle 1- 2024 Now Closed!
Next cycle will open August 1, 2024

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