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Child Welfare Law and Practice- 4th Edition

The Red Book from NACC

Created by the National Association of Counsel for Children, the Red Book is a comprehensive resource
that provides guidance on the legal aspects of child welfare. It covers a wide range of topics, including
child abuse and neglect, family dynamics, trauma, the child welfare legal process, and the role of legal

Designed initially as a study guide for attorneys preparing to take the Child Welfare Law Specialist
certification exam, the Red Book now serves as a day-to-day guide for child welfare advocates in every
state, offering in-depth analysis and instruction on a wide variety of topics relevant to the current
climate in the child welfare space. Whether you represent children, parents, agencies, or serve as a
judge in child welfare matters, this book is a fundamental resource.

The Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk is pleased to provide this resource at no-cost to agencies and departments throughout Idaho. You can request your book by completing the form below. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be processed and shipped. Please fill out all the fields, including a full mailing address and zip code (no PO Boxes), email and phone number.

Recommended audience:
 Defense and Prosecuting Attorneys

 Private Attorneys
 Child Protection Multidisciplinary Team members
 Judges
 Case workers
 Child Advocacy Centers

A limited number of books are available, please limit requests to one per office.

Allow 4 weeks for delivery.

To ORDER please send email to Mindy at .

Order must include:

Subject Line- RED BOOK

First and Last Name


Full Mailing Address (NO PO BOX; Please include Zip Code)

Phone Number

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