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A Multidisciplinary Approach

The Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk (CARTF), a nonpartisan, broadly representative organization with concerns related to children at risk in Idaho, is dedicated to providing informed recommendations to the Governor of the State of Idaho regarding the full scope of issues related to child abuse and neglect. In 1988, by Executive Order, Governor Cecil Andrus established the Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk. The group's first assignment was to review research on sex crimes against children and develop recommendations to address the issue. This included reviewing testimony from public hearings, national research, and interviews with investigators, treatment providers, law enforcement personnel, perpetrators, citizen advocates, victims and their families. Findings and recommendations were published in "A Report on Idaho's System for Protecting and Serving Children at Risk of Sexual Abuse," containing 14 specific recommendations. Most of these have been followed to completion. Since 1988, the Task Force has continued to make recommendations to the Governor on issues pertaining to Idaho's children.

How the Task Force is Funded
The Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk is funded through a Children's Justice Act grant under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is the lead agency and provides support for the task force as funding is available.


Meet the Task Force Members

  • Nadine McDonald, Chair, Grangeville--Juvenile Justice Services 

  • Jennifer Tachell, Vice-Chair, Middleton--Educator 

  • Curtis Carper, Nampa- Law Enforcement

  • Kyle Bringhurst, Boise--Prosecutor 

  • Jill Robertson, Pocatello--Parent 

  • Lena Biondolillo--Advocate for Disabled Children 

  • James Curb, Coeur d' Alene--Homeless Youth Advocate 

  • OPEN, --Child Advocate Attorney 

  • Mark Rammell, Rexburg--Criminal Magistrate 

  • Maddi Ames--Foster Care Representative

  • Andrea Blackwood, Boise--Department of Health and Welfare

  • Susan Nalley--Victim Services Coordinator 

  •  Joshua Wickard, Chair, Boise-- Public Defender

  • Sheila Sturgeon Freitas, Meridian--Mental Health Provider 

  • Stephen Clark, Salmon--Civil Magistrate 

  • V. Susan Bradford MD, Meridian--Pediatrician 

  • Tahna Barton, Twin Falls--CASA

  • Teresa Vance, Boise--Administrator of the Court

Team Support

Mindy Peper,

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