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Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

presented by

The Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk



This award honors extraordinary individuals who have gone above and beyond in advancing the cause of protecting children from neglect and abuse. These individuals labor tirelessly in the effort to improve circumstances for children, often without recognition or public accolades. This award was traditionally given to career prosecutors deserving recognition for their work in protecting vulnerable children.


Each year, the Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk will honor someone who is exceptionally deserving of this recognition. Examples of professions where nominations may come from include: Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Social Workers, Guardians ad Litem, Law Enforcement Officers, and Medical Professionals. Nominations of other individuals will also be considered if their efforts are related to the investigation and/or judicial handling of child neglect or abuse cases.

How to nominate?

Nominations will close May 1. 

Email your nominating letter to Ms. Mindy Peper at by the closing date.

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