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  • Resource for screening human trafficking victims from the Vera Institue of Justice- Trafficking Victim Identification Tool
  • Recently released: Annual report form the Idaho Child Death Review Team-  Child Deaths in Idaho 2013- available here to read and print

Child Deaths in Idaho, A Report of Findings by the Idaho Child Death Review Team, Prepared May 2016

CFR Team Quick Facts Sheet

The Idaho Child Fatality Review Team presents its second annual report on child deaths
occurring in Idaho. The team was formed by the Governor’s Task Force on Children at Risk,
under Executive Order 2012-03 to review deaths to children under the age of 18, using a
comprehensive and multidisciplinary process. The team is tasked with identifying information
and education that is needed to improve the health and safety of Idaho’s children. Their goal is
to identify common links or circumstances in these deaths that may be addressed to prevent
similar tragedies in the future.